How to Reach YouTube’s Trending Page

June 18, 2020


YouTube’s algorithm seems to be the only thing that truly matters when it comes to growing your channel. Honestly, this is reality. If you want your video sat around 500 views forever, work against the algorithm. But, if you want it to keep growing, gaining more viewers and eventually be on the YouTube trending page, work with it.
This can be pretty tricky since it’s always changing however we’ve got some tips and tricks that will give you a fighting chance.
Let’s get into the nitty-gritty.

Make Long-Form Content

Studies have shown that longer videos do far better than shorter ones. This research concluded that there is a direct correlation between video length, view time and the total number of views.
Try to create content that runs for around 8 to 10 minutes. If you can make longer videos then go for it!

Create Great Custom Thumbnails

Thumbnails have to be attractive. People just won’t click otherwise and who could blame them?
Having said this, they can’t just be attractive without being relevant to your video. This puts people off.
Your thumbnails should reflect your brand and personality. Each one should have the same theme but be different for each video. This does take practice, but it’s quite easy to do when you use online editing tools such as Canva.

Optimise Your Metadata

You won’t get anywhere without using your meta description properly. What do we mean by “meta description”? The title, tags, and the video’s description.
It needs to be engaging and compelling, without stating everything that happens in the video. After all, you wouldn’t read a book if you knew the big plot twist.

Upload Videos Consistently

Your subscribers (and potentials) want to know when to expect your videos. Once you’ve figured out an upload schedule that works for you, publish it! This way, you’re training your audience to watch out for brand-new content at a specific date and time every week.
After they’ve built up this habit, they won’t break it. We’ve all heard the saying “old habits die hard”, haven’t we?

Upload Videos Consistently

A sure-fire way to increase your chances of appearing on the YouTube trending page is to buy subscribers and views from Baaram.
While this may seem like you’re cheating, most of the super-popular YouTubers did this to get where they are today. You can do that too. It’s incredibly quick, simple and, most importantly, effective.

Be Quick to Promote Your Video

Don’t wait around to promote your video — especially if you’re paying for it. You need to get this done in the first few days. Ideally, within the first couple.
Focus on raking in as many views as possible in the first 3 days. It seems near-on impossible, doesn’t it? But you are no different from those ultra-famous stars who get thousands of views in a few minutes.

Stick to Your Niche

Sticking to your niche guarantees that people will come back. If they can’t find such specific content on other channels, you are bound to be their go-to guy or gal.

If It Ain’t Broke Don’t Fix It

Once you’ve found a video model that works, do not try to switch it up. People want to see the content that they love and experimenting won’t give them that — especially if it doesn’t vibe with the rest of your stuff.
Stick to what you know. Your subscribers hit that button because they love you and your content. They don’t want someone who tries to keep up with trends that mean nothing to them.

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