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  • High Quality
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  • High Quality
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Frequently Answered Questions

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What can you see on the dashboard?

With a Baaram account you can get a faster checkout. Watch your current order process, see what type of payments solution you choose when you made the order and deals that only members get.

How Does the Order Process Work?

When you use our simple checkout you can add your Youtube account name, and Baaram will find your account. We use Paypal that is a well known payment solution.

How long does it take before I get my Subscribers,Views & Likes

When you make a order the order starts processing instantly. Subscribers/Views/Likes usually takes minutes to deliver, huge packages that Baaram has takes longer to deliver. We always inform you on how long the orders takes, depending on what you order from Baaram.

Can I get on the Trending Page?

This is a question we a lot. With our Youtube views and subs,likes the chance of getting to the trending page is higher because of engagement increase. But that is never promised by Baaram


Does the amount of likes on a YouTube video affect the channel’s performance?

Every content creator wants to receive plenty of likes on their videos, a lot of thought, time, and effort has gone into making the video. Of course, likes matter, not just to the creator, but to the algorithm.
The more likes a YouTube video has, the more ranked it will be in YouTube’s algorithm. Which means the more viewers it will reach.

A lot of viewers may not be subscribed; they might still like, or comment on videos. The more likes a video gets, and the more interaction, the more popular the video will get, meaning it will reach a lot of more YouTube viewers. This could lead to more people subscribing too.
If you buy likes, on an average-quality video, or one that wouldn’t usually do very well, the likes can manipulate the algorithm, and the video can reach a lot more viewers than it usually would. This helps to get your videos and channel ranking higher and become more popular.
When buying likes, it is essential to buy organic likes; these will help boost the videos ranking a lot more than ’empty’ likes.

How buying YouTube likes can gain a channel more subscribers.

If, as a content creator, you make and upload frequent videos, you are likely to gain more subscribers. The same goes for likes; if you are getting a lot of likes, the more likes you get, the more subscribers and additional likes you will receive on the channel.
The more likes a video, and a channel has, the more it will be ranked and promoted. Likes tend to indicate the quality of a video and of the content creator.

Unfortunately, for smaller content creators, videos that are ranked at the bottom of the algorithm, so those with fewer likes, views, subscribers, and engagement sadly can’t reach more viewers due to how the algorithm works. That is why buying likes is such a good idea. For smaller creators, it means becoming bigger, faster, and for bigger content creators, it means reaching more viewers, easier.
The more interaction a video will get, the easier it will be for a content creator to grow their channel and obtain more subscribers.


Purchasing real, and organic YouTube likes give channels a more significant impact than ’empty’ likes.

Real and organic likes on a video play a vital part in determining the rank of which the video will be on; therefore, it is super-essential to the success of a video.
If a channel and video have a good ranking, so many subscribers, likes, and engagement, the channel will inevitably be successful and be able to grow rapidly. As well as reach a wider audience.
Both the channel and videos having good engagement will increase the video and content creator in the rankings of YouTube’s algorithm. This means that all future content uploaded on the channel will be promoted more by youtube.

When buying YouTube video likes, it is crucial to ensure you are purchasing only real and organic likes. Otherwise, it won’t have the same positive impact on the videos. Buying false likes brings no value to a channel and doesn’t help with the channel’s success rate the same way as organic likes do.

Will buying cheap YouTube likes benefit a channel in any way?

Buying decent and real subscribers doesn’t have to be expensive. Just because something is cheap, it doesn’t always mean it is of bad quality. So when buying likes, ensure they are of good quality. Otherwise, they won’t benefit your channel.
Ensure you read reviews and thoroughly read all of the terms and conditions and fine print of the likes you are buying. As previously said, not all likes have to be expensive, and not all cheap likes are bad.
There are excellent organic, and effective cheap likes that are available to purchase that benefit YouTube channels, help them rank higher in the algorithm, and reach more viewers, increasing the subscribers.

If a channel has less than 100,000 subscribers, buying organic likes can be super beneficial to help them grow. Once a channel has passed 100,000 subs, it is easy for them to grow bigger a lot quicker.
When a channel has less than 100,00 subscribers, it can be rather hard to reach the milestones, and grow the channel. Content creators with 100,000 subscribers or less should buy likes to help with their channel engagement, which will increase their subscribers and rankings.


Buying a lot of likes to help reach higher up in the rankings.

As most people know, YouTube is a highly competitive platform, so it can be hard for smaller channels to reach viewers and climb higher.
So if a content creator is uploading lots of videos regularly and engaging with their viewers, it will help them reach a wider audience, but it will take some time. So, if a creator buys likes, it will help them reach more youtuber watchers at a faster rate.

As your channel grows and starts gaining more subscribers, the quicker it will grow, and you will soon reach those all-important milestones. Channels can’t grow when their videos aren’t reaching a broad audience, which is super frustrating for any content creator, especially when a lot of time and effort is spent creating and editing the videos. So, if you want to grow your YouTube channel, reach a wider audience, and gain more subscribers, the first place to start is by purchasing YouTube likes. This will give any video and channel a head start to ranking in the YouTube algorithm.This means your videos will reach a wider audience, meaning more subscribers that will be gained. Once your channel has started to grow, the quicker and easier it will be to grow and reach milestones such as 100,000, 500,000, and a million!

Buying YouTube likes on videos will increase the number of subscribers a channel has.

There seems to be a different trend on YouTube each week, and if you aren’t on top of that trend, and you don’t have many subscribers, you will find it very hard to grow bigger. Buying YouTube likes can help a channel grow at a faster, more beneficial rate and increase the number of views and subscribers a channel has.
If a content creator is making and uploading high quality, entertaining, and on-trend content, it means the video has more chance of being seen by more viewers and climbing up the algorithm, but it’s not always guaranteed. Buying likes on a YouTube video is the perfect way to ensure and guarantee that a video is going to be watched by more and that the channel will gain more subscribers.


Plenty of likes is the way to start boosting your channel.

The more likes a video gets in a short amount of time, in less than 24 hours, the higher it will reach in the YouTube algorithm. This means the more viewers it will be promoted too. Then, because it has been highly viewed and has many likes, the video will appeal more to browsers looking for a video to watch.

YouTube is by far the most popular platform to watch videos on, so it’s super important as a content creator to have a lot of subscribers. Some youtubers with 100,000 subscribers and over make YouTube their full-time job, which they can do when you have that many subscribers. But it isn’t easy to reach that many subscribers; it can take years.

Buying likes on a video is a super quick and easy way to grow your channel without having to wait years to reach milestones. It is a great way to go up in the rankings, and help to get your videos and channel more viewed. 

YouTube’s algorithm is confusing, and it can be tricky to figure out how to reach the top of it. But buying likes is a straightforward and fast way to reach higher in the algorithm.
The algorithm ranks videos by evaluating factors such as subscribers, views, likes, video quality, and engagement. So if you want your channel to grow, it is vital to have plenty of likes to help rank higher up in the algorithm.

All content creators that post on YouTube aim to reach as many viewers as possible, but that can be hard when starting out. The more likes, the more subscribers your channel will get. But when you haven’t got that many subscribers, it can be hard to reach a wider audience, it’s an endless circle.

That’s why it can take a long time for content creators to grow their channels, so buying likes is a super-speedy, and easy solution to end the circle and grow your channel.

The best way to increase views and subscribers is by purchasing likes; this will kick start the process of climbing the algorithm ladder. When purchasing likes, you need to ensure you are buying organic and real likes; otherwise, they won’t benefit your channel.

If you look at all big and successful YouTube channels, they all have a substantial amount of likes on their videos. This is because likes on videos help content creators to grow their channels.
It can take a lot of time, effort, and frustration to gain a lot of likes and grow a channel, that is why buying YouTube likes is such a brilliant idea and the ideal way to build a successful channel.
Reaching a high amount of likes on a video can be very difficult and can take a lot of time, buying organic likes is quick and easy and will help grow your channel a lot quicker than waiting for the likes to come naturally. It also guarantees the growth of a content creators channel.

Buying YouTube likes will ensure videos reach a wider audience.

YouTube’s algorithm works to promote the best quality and most engaged videos to viewers. This is because YouTube only wants to promote the best videos to its audience, that is why it is so important to have as many likes on your videos as possible. Buying likes allows your videos to be promoted to YouTube’s audience as it will reach higher up in the algorithm.
If you are producing quality content, but you haven’t got that many subscribers or likes your video probably won’t reach very high in the algorithm. Whereas if you uploaded the same video with lots of likes, it would have a much better chance of ranking in the algorithm.


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